Terms and Conditions

Generator Delivery
  1. NO transportation Charges for Factory Shipments to the 48 Contiguous United States.
  2. Freight to your facility is included to the first or nearest drop-off point and also applies to shipments going to off-shore locations. Additional charges for shipping and handling after the first drop off point are at the customer’s expense. Unloading, rigging, storage, and installation are the responsibility of the customer and are not included.
  3. The price shown is the delivered price to any loading dock accessible by tractor-trailer, and all deliveries are FOB destination with all transportation and handling charges paid by Better Power, Inc.
  4. Delivery dates are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Please supply the shipping address. If the delivery point is changed later, there may be a change-of-address charge and possibly a re-delivery charge. If the generator cannot be unloaded at the time of delivery, there may be a re-delivery charge.
  6. BPI is not responsible for the trucker showing up at any agreed time. We recommend that you call the trucker’s local dispatcher early on the morning of the day of delivery to get a good approximation.
  7. In “normal times” the factory ships in 4-6 weeks, but when disasters cause a drastic increase in the demand for generators, the factory may be back-ordered for weeks. Call the BPI office for current information.
  8. Lift-gate delivery is available for generators with 1.5 Liter engines and below.
  9. The included prepaid standard shipping for many Generators is in an enclosed truck, such as a tractor-trailer. The Generators may be loaded lengthwise and must be forked from the end. Unloading and rigging are the responsibility of the customer.
  10. Loading Dock Unloading: Using a loading dock is usually the easiest way to unload the Generator. The loading dock can belong to you, your contractor, your rigging company, or to a helpful local business. You will need to supply a forklift truck, crane, or other rigging equipment. Some Gaseous Generators larger than 25 kW, and all Diesel Generators, will, at a minimum, need fork extensions to unload the Generator because it is loaded lengthwise.
  11. Parking Lot Unloading: If the shipping address is a parking lot, you will need to supply the unloading equipment, such as a forklift truck with fork extensions, or lifting equipment that can get the Generator out of the enclosed truck.
  12. Lifting Precautions: If you want to lift the Generator with your equipment, you will need straps and a spreader bar to avoid deforming the sheet-metal housing.
  13. Lift-gate Delivery: Gaseous Generators (powered by natural gas or propane) of 22 kW and smaller can be delivered to your paved parking lot or driveway by a hydraulic lift-gate on the back of a 53-foot tractor-trailer IF the paving is an easily accessible commercial location. There is no charge for this service, but “Lift-gate Delivery” must be specified on your PO. Lift-gate Delivery is not available for diesel Generators or for Generators larger than 22 kW and is always subject to factory approval.
  14. Make sure that your receiving personnel will inspect the shipment for damage. If there is any damage, they MUST have the trucker sign on your copy of the paperwork that the shipment was delivered “damaged”. Otherwise, the trucker may deny the claim for damages. Ideally, receiving personnel would also take a digital photo (which can be emailed) of any damage to facilitate the claim. Please call us if there is any damage.
  15. You are still protected by the factory’s Limited Warranty. If you discover any problem at or after installation, please call us so we can help.
  16. Transwrap Services: An optional shrink wrap (similar to boat wrap) is recommended and available at extra cost (non-Contract) for generators that are shipped on a Flatbed Truck exposed to the outside elements. This includes most diesels as well as gaseous generators above 200kW. Protects from tarp damage, road salt, and grime — will reduce unwarrantable damage during transportation. Also recommended if you are storing your generator for a period of time prior to installation.
Contact Information

1. Please give us the phone number and name of the person for the trucker to call the day before delivery, to be sure that your personnel are ready to receive the shipment. Include an email address for delivery status updates.

2. An authorized person must be available during normal business hours to inspect & sign for the Generator.

Payment for Contract Clients

1. Payment is due net 30. Frequently the items requested will ship at different times. If so, we will need to invoice you at the time of receipt of each item. Please indicate whether you will accept multiple invoices on (one) Purchase Order, or whether you will issue multiple POs, one for each major item.

2. Because we are a small business, we would appreciate if you would assure funds are sequestered, encumbered or otherwise set aside so they cannot be diverted by other agencies.

3. As a Small Business (Certification #P0317675) we appreciate whatever you can do to expedite payment of your PO – on your PO, please indicate how and when you will pay. Payment is due as soon as you accept the Generator and associated equipment as appearing to be in good condition. Since we are supplying equipment only, not installation, our equipment invoice is due when you receive the equipment, without waiting for installation; and there is no retainage of any kind. We also accept most Purchasing Cards, which will not be charged until each item is shipped or the service performed.

Final Purchase, Non-Returnable Certification Details

Upon purchase, you certify that your purchase is a bona fide, non-cancelable, non-returnable Final Sale. Defects, if any, will be remedied in the field under the Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Print the current catalog, spec sheets, manuals, and other info at www.generac.com, or go to the links in the individual product descriptions. Not responsible for errors.

Special Orders: Generators that are not listed are often available on special order. Please contact the BPI office with your detailed requirements.

Warranty is from the manufacturer only, not BPI, and takes effect when the item is shipped. Contact BPI for the name of the authorized warranty service nearest to you.

Disputes: The venue for any dispute is Monroe County, NY, under the laws of the State of New York.

Limited Responsibility: By purchasing from us, you acknowledge that we are not and have not been responsible for your installation, adjustment, repair, licensing, or qualifications; that payment of use tax, if any, is solely your responsibility; and that you accept the above Terms and Conditions.

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