Start the New Year Off Right With Happy Customers and More Business From Referrals

Jan 11, 2016

These discounts make our upgraded aluminum models even more affordable than our standard steel models.

Do you have a customer who’s interested in backup power but not quite ready to buy? Take advantage of this deal and offer them the upgraded aluminum enclosure at no extra cost. It just might seal the deal.

Currently available in the 11, 16, and 22kW models.

Call now to order.

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For the past six months, we’ve been entering one raffle ticket per automatic backup generator purchase for each one of our customers. On Monday, we held our drawing.

Steven J. Hall, Inc. won a DeWalt portable gasoline generator and a Generac HomeLink transfer switch, just by purchasing their backup generators from us.

Keep checking our bi-weekly newsletter for more raffles and other chances to win great prizes. 

After your installation is complete, annual maintenance and warranty repairs are an important part of your relationship with your customer. If your customer is happy with your installation and service, they could recommend you to their family, friends, and neighbors for more installs.

If you don’t want the maintenance and repair work, please call us so we can recommend a good repair shop in the Rochester area that you can partner up with. Most of the shops we recommend will be glad to advise you on your installation for a chance to get the maintenance contract with your customer.

If you are not an Authorized Service Dealer and your customer’s unit is having issues, please call us and we can recommend a Service Dealer for you. They can advise you if a service call is needed or if it’s a non-warranty issue that you may want to handle.

If you’d like to become a Certified Service Dealer, keep checking our bi-weekly newsletter for information and dates for upcoming Generac Certified training classes. 

A few of our items have slightly increased in price.

Please call or write for the most up-to-date pricing:

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