Smart Infrastructure Planning for Electric Vehicle Chargers

Thinking of Bringing EVs into Your Organization’s Fleet?

You’re not alone. Demand for EVs has skyrocketed in the past few years due to improving battery technology, policy support, and increasing demand for sustainable energy sources. By 2030, it’s estimated that over half of all passenger vehicles sold in the US will be Electric.

Transitioning your fleet from gas-powered vehicles to EVs is a great way to prepare your organization for an electrified future and cut down on carbon emissions. But transitioning to EVs requires appropriate charging infrastructure, smart design, and a strategic partnership with your utility company. If your organization is looking to go electric, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Power Supply & Network Access

As you consider installing EV charging stations, it’s essential to ensure that you have the appropriate power and network infrastructure to efficiently run the charging stations. High-speed DC fast chargers can charge a vehicle in as little as 30 minutes, but require 480-volt, 3-phase electrical service, which may or not be available for your facility. If the EV chargers you wish to install require network access, consider what changes will need to be made to your network to support them. You should reach out to your utility company and your internet service provider to find out what service upgrades are necessary to install the number and type of EV chargers you are planning to install.

Budget for Start-Up Installation Costs

Installing EV chargers at your facility may involve excavating your parking lot around your new EV spaces to install the appropriate infrastructure, which can take extra time and money.

Make sure to budget for:

  • An appropriate number of EV Charging Units
  • Permits and upgrade fees from your local utility company or municipality
  • Additional electric infrastructure needed to power the charging stations
  • Wire, conduit, connectors, and other miscellaneous equipment and accessories
  • Pouring new concrete for mounting
  • Post-install parking lot repairs
  • New signage guiding visitors or employees to the new EV chargers

Find the Right Charging Space

After you determine how many vehicles you need in your fleet, it’s important to map out where they can be parked and charged. Installing EV chargers close to your building can help cut down on the installation costs associated with running new wiring and repaving your EV parking spaces. Consider if there is enough space next to your facility to park and charge your EV fleet. Can your EV vehicles be parked next to your building or do you need to reserve those parking spaces for clients or visitors?

Decide How Many Charging Stations to Install

When making installation budget decisions, it may be beneficial to install more charging stations than you currently need. Consider whether your organization may onboard additional EVs in the near future. If funds allow, lay the underground infrastructure for additional EV charging stations to avoid the added costs of future excavations.

Public vs. Private Stations

Think about whether or not it would be beneficial to install additional spaces for employees or visitors who may want to charge personal EVs. Offering public-use chargers can generate additional revenue from charging fees, and provide a convenient amenity for employees and visitors.

    Partner With Your Utility Co. for Timed Charging

    It’s important to reach out to your local utility company early in the installation process to help navigate the extra costs associated with electrical infrastructure updates. Many utility companies also offer resources to help your business save money on your increased electricity costs, including timed charging during discounted non-peak hours and special rates for metering your EV charging energy use.

      Government Orgs Can Save Time and Money on EV Chargers

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