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WiFi Range Extenders

Most Generac Air-Cooled standby units now come with built-in WiFi. A wireless internet connection is required for automatic activation of the generator and for MobileLink remote monitoring to function properly. If you haven’t yet learned about either of these...

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MobileLink, WiFi, Activation, and MobileLink FLEET

Bookmark this page and use it as your go-to MobileLink reference moving forward.Automatic Activation Starting December 12th, 2018, Generac will be streamlining the activation process for automatic home standby generators. If you or your customer registers the...

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Weathering the Storm

It Seemed Reasonable Enough at the Time: “We’ve got to get power from Niagara Falls all the way to Downtown Buffalo. It’s a 25 mile stretch. I haven’t got the time nor the man-power to dig that much tunnel, have you? Besides, with enough insulation we can simply...

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Selling Backup Power in the Wake of Disaster

Even though New York State was spared from the devastation of recent weather events like Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Maria, we’re inundated every day by the incredible damage we see on the news. The harrowing stories of flooding, wind damage, and power outages remind...

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New Warehouse Location

NEW WAREHOUSE LOCATION In order to better service our customers, wehave moved our local warehouse inventory to a new location. It's just across the street from our old location, but the switch comes with a number of benefits, including shorter wait times, longer...

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Storm Season is Coming!

Researchers at CSU’s Tropical Meteorology Project ( are expecting a total of 11 named storms, four hurricanes, and two major hurricanes this storm season. A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or higher on the SS Hurricane Wind...

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New Product Update

NEW: RTS GenReady™ Integrated Load Center Switches This switch offers added flexibility by combining the load center and transfer switch in a single panel. This switch allows you to provide your thriftiest customers with a more efficient installation and cost...

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Residential Air-Cooled Generator Sizing Calculator

We have designed this sizing calculator to help you streamline the process of determining the right size equipment your customers' backup generator needs. Used properly, this will become a valuable tool in your arsenal, and can help you bid jobs faster, and with...

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New Product Updates from Generac

New Product Features: The roof and door system have been redesigned to make the units easier to unlock and open with a key. Lock caps have been added to prevent ice intrusion and frozen locks. The front door is now easier to remove for maintenance. The external...

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