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Generac’s Expansion: A Factory Reset for the Supply-Chain

As Generac continues to ramp up production and close gaps in supply chain, we may finally start to see shorter lead times and better availability on home standby products. Back in March of 2020, links in the supply chain started to weaken and break as the realities of...

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Managing Customer Expectations

In these unprecedented times, managing customer expectations is critical. Most customers are willing to be flexible and accommodating if you provide them with clear and transparent communication.

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Introducing Our New Authorized Resellers

Better Power, Inc. has teamed up with two New York Sate small businesses in an effort to make our product line available to even more purchasers, while helping New York State Contract users meet their SDVOB and M/WBE utilization goals. Tony Baird Electronics was...

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How to Ensure Delivery of Our Newsletter

Every month, we send out an email newsletter containing promotional offers, important updates, time-saving tips, and other helpful information related to backup generators and installation. Sometimes SPAM filters and Junk Mail folders can intercept our messages...

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Mobile Link Setup Now Easier than Ever

CONNECTING YOUR GENERATOR TO A WI-FI NETWORK IS NOW EASIER THAN EVER WITH MOBILE LINK SETUPWhat is Mobile Link Setup?Mobile Link Setup is a mobile application created to simplify and streamline the process of connecting a generator to a home Wi-Fi network. Previously,...

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Introducing the Power Perks Rewards Program

Contractors and generator installers can now sign up to earn points for their generator purchases. Earn 2 points per dollar for Home Standby Generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, and Extended Warranties. Earn 1 point per dollar for Inverters, Portable Generators,...

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4G LTE Mobile Link Remote Monitoring Accessory

4G LTE Cellular Remote Monitoring As we wrote about in a previous blog post, Generac home standby generators now come with built-in WiFi functionality, which allows for easy online activation and Mobile Link remote monitoring. This works fine for most installs, but...

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Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer

Written by Tom Wheat Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced when organic materials (such as carbon-based fuels) are burned. It’s toxic to humans, it’s readily absorbed by our lungs, and it can be very difficult to detect.When carbon monoxide...

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