Many of our clients use grant funding to purchase their emergency backup power systems. Use these links to find and apply for grant funding for your organization in New York State.

NYS Consolidated Funding

This excellent grant funding resource pulls together dozens of open programs from all over the state. You’ll find helpful questionnaires and multiple informational webinars for each program that will help you pinpoint which grants are right for your organization.

NYS Assembly: Grants Action News:

This monthly newsletter features a new set of state, federal, and private grants in every issue. You’ll find descriptions, eligibility requirements, and all of the necessary contact information for each.

NYS DEC: Grant Opportunities

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation posts all of their various grant opportunities here, along with applicable notices and news items.

NYS DOS: Grant Opporunities

The New York State Department of State lists their grant funding programs here. You can download grant applications, and also find information on past awards.

NYS DOH: Grant Opportunities

The New York State Department of Health posts their grant opportunities, eligibility requirements, contact information, and application instructions here.

new york state nys governor's traffic safety committee grants for generators

NYS GTSC: Grants Opportunities

The New York State Governor's Traffic Safety Committee posts an annual document that shows all of the grant opportunities they will offer for the following year. You can also register for their eGrants system on this site.

National/Federal Grant Funding: Non-State Specific

If you’ve exhausted the resources on this page, you can check this list of grant opportunities that are not state-specific.