New Product Updates from Generac

Oct 4, 2016

New Product Features:

  • The roof and door system have been redesigned to make the units easier to unlock and open with a key. Lock caps have been added to prevent ice intrusion and frozen locks.
  • The front door is now easier to remove for maintenance.
  • The external breaker box has been moved to inside the enclosure.
  • The end panel is removable, giving you easier access to the AC connections, fuel pressure measurement, and battery replacement.
  • The battery compartment has been modified to accept both lead/acid AND AGM style batteries.
  • The unit’s battery charging algorithm has also been updated to accommodate either style of battery.
  • A built-in sediment moisture trap has been added.
  • The brand new electrical connection shelf makes wiring  a breeze.
  • The updated control panel gives the user instructions on how to reset a fault, reducing emergency calls.
  • The newly designed direct-to-dirt composite pad adds 50% more base surface area. You can install this unit right on the dirt or grass without adding a pea gravel bed or a concrete pad (be sure to check with local authority on this).
  • The transfer switches have also been updated for better rustproofing and more flexibility.

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