New Product Features, Benefits, and Installation Best Practices

Dec 20, 2016

With the launch of the re-designed 2017 Generac Air-Cooled generator models. there are several new features and adjustments that will make your installations easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Product Improvements

Improved enclosure design:  The new enclosure includes an easily removable side panel (only 2 fasteners) which now provides improved access to all electrical connections as well as the fuel system.  These improvements reduce the time and cost associated with backup generator installation.

AGM batteries:  The new generator enclosure has been designed to accommodate the use of lead-acid or AGM type batteries.

Integrated sediment trap:  To reduce generator installation time, Generac air-cooled products now include factory-installed sediment traps.

Updated main circuit breaker location:  The mainline circuit breaker has been moved to the inside of the generator and features improved safety lockout capabilities.

New composite cable:  New flexible fuel line options are now available in 24”, 48”, and 72” lengths.

Cold weather kit:  The legacy cold weather kit has been retired, but the individual components are still available. This allows for more application specific flexibility. Please note that the battery pad warmer is not necessary with AGM type battery installations.

Installation Best Practices

Fuel system testing: While the unit end panel is removed for generator installation, it is a best practice to perform a loaded fuel pressure test to ensure optimal generator performance. Also, a final fuel system leak test should be performed on the entire fuel system (from fuel source to regulator) once the generator installation has been completed.

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