MobileLink, WiFi, Activation, and MobileLink FLEET

Dec 10, 2018

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Automatic Activation

  • Starting December 12th, 2018, Generac will be streamlining the activation process for automatic home standby generators.
  • If you or your customer registers the generator on before connecting the generator to the customer’s WiFi, the generator will be automatically activated as soon as it connects to the WiFi network!
  • You can still activate the generator the traditional way if the customer does not have WiFi, but it’s much faster and easier if you follow the steps below:
  1. Install the generator.
  2. Register the generator at
  3. Connect the generator to the customer’s WiFi network. The generator will automatically activate.

In order to register the generator on, you’ll need the following information:

  1. Customer’s name, email address, street address, and phone number
  2. The generator’s Serial Number
  3. The generator’s MAC Address (also known as “Mobile Link Device Identifier”)
  4. The customer’s SSID (this is their WiFi network name)

How to find the generator’s Serial Number and MAC Address:

  • Open the cover of your generator (1)
  • Look for the labels on the front right (2)
  • The serial number is located at the top of the first label (A)
  • The MAC address is located on the second label (B)

This manual will walk you through the process of connecting the generator to the customer’s WiFi network. You’ll need either a smartphone or a laptop to do this.

This informational pamphlet explains the benefits of using the MobileLink remote monitoring feature, now standard on every Generac residential automatic standby generator.

Use this form to explain the different service levels to your customers. There is a blank spot underneath the “Dealer Managed” section where you can enter your own price.

“Dealer Managed” subscriptions are for certified Generac Service Dealers only.

Dealer Managed MobileLink FLEET

If you are a certified Generac Service Dealer, you can use MobileLink FLEET. This service allows you to monitor all of your customer’s generators from a single interface. You will enjoy a discount on annual fees per generator, and you can roll this service into a maintenance contract with each customer if you choose to do so.

You can purchase MobileLink FLEET subscriptions from GENservice: 

  1. Login to GENservice
  2. Go to Order -> Subscriptions -> FLEET Management Subscription Cart
  3. Select quantity (you’ll need one for each generator), then checkout

Once your subscriptions are purchased, go to and login using your GENservice username and password (no need to register).

To add a new generator to your FLEET:

  1. Click the “New Generator” button
  2. Complete the “Submit for Approval” form. You’ll need the following information:
    • Customer’s name, email address, street address, and phone number
    • The generator’s Serial Number
    • The generator’s MAC Address (also known as “Mobile Link Device Identifier”)
    • The customer’s SSID (this is their WiFi network name)
  3. Submit the form. This will send a request to your customer by email. Your customer will need to approve this request by clicking a link. They have 2 weeks to respond before the request is automatically declined.

You should try to set all of this up while you’re at the customer’s home. Once approved, your customer’s generator and its status will appear in your FLEET and you’ll start receiving notifications.

When this happens, your customer will be automatically registered with MobileLink, and they can login to view their generator’s status at They will receive an email with a username and temporary password, which they can change the first time they log in. Your customer will have access to view generator status and receive active notifications that they can configure on their own.

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