Many of our clients use grant funding to purchase their emergency backup power systems. Use these links to find and apply for grant funding for your organization in Maryland.

Maryland.Gov: Grants Office

The state of Maryland uses this website to provide resources, training, research, and guidance to state agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and academia on all aspects of federal grants and federal funds. 

rhi hub maryland backup emergency generator grants

RHI Hub: Maryland Funding Opportunities

The Rural Health Information Hub posts Maryland grants and other funding opportunities on this website.

Maryland DOE: Grants Administration

Check here for updates on grant programs related to public schools and education, hosted by Maryland’s Department of Education.

Maryland GrantWatch

This website requires a paid registration to submit grant applications, but there is a free newsletter you can sign up for.

National/Federal Grant Funding: Non-State Specific

If you’ve exhausted the resources on this page, you can check this list of grant opportunities that are not state-specific.