Managing Customer Expectations

In These Unprecedented Times, Managing Customer Expectations is Critical.

Most customers are willing to be flexible and accommodating if you provide them with clear and transparent communication.


Please call us for shipping estimates before setting your install date. Neither Generac nor Better Power will be communicating with your customers directly. It’s best to be upfront with your customers about delays and let them know ahead of time how long the wait might be.


While you wait for your customer’s genset to arrive, consider running the gas line, installing the transfer switch, filing paperwork with the local jurisdiction, and doing anything else you can in anticipation of the install. This could help put your customer’s mind at ease.


Assure your customers that there are no warranty penalties for customers due to shipping delays. Warranties start when the unit is activated and after it’s installed.


Generac has issued a letter acknowledging the backlog and resulting delays, and has created an installation timeline for you to share with your customers. Check them out here and use them if you think they might help:

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Are orders being prioritized from a channel perspective? Is there preference given to any specific channel?

  • A: No, Generac is not prioritizing one channel (nor customer) over another when fulfilling orders.

  • Q: Is Generac prioritizing manufacturing by model?

  • A: Manufacturing scheduling is based on orders.


  • Q: Is Generac going to offer additional promotions (extended warranty) for customers that have to wait?

  • A: There are no additional offers planned at this time.

  • Q: Is Generac going to notify customers directly? Or is that up to the wholesaler or contractor?

  • A: No, Generac will not be reaching out to customers directly.


Roy Kuhn

3 months ago

We placed an order for a Generac generator (RG02224ANAX) on March 15, 2021 with our local Lowes store on March 15th. We received an initial delivery date of July 7th. Our preparation activities were completed on July 6th. After contacting Lowes on July 7th, we were informed there was a delay and received a second delivery date of August 20th. Today (July 29th) we received a notice from Lowes that another delay has caused our delivery to be moved to September 10th. I am aware that Generac is very busy, but my local Generac Super store and local distributors are receiving thier generators regularly. Is thier a priority system within Generac separate from other retailers like Lowes? Will there be yet another slip in our delivery date?