Industrial Generators

At Better Power, we supply and distribute standby generators and transfer switches of every size for industrial applications. We work closely with dealers in the area to facilitate industrial generator purchases, providing our clients with the most support possible.

What Are Industrial Generators?

Generators convert the energy found within fuel into usable mechanical and electrical energy. An industrial generator functions similarly to a regular generator in terms of purpose and function, with the exception of a few key differences.

Industrial generators serve different industries and have a much greater power output. These powerful generators are used in large facilities with high fuel requirements such as hospitals, construction sites, or chemical plants.

Industrial Generator Fuel Types

We offer industrial generators of all types, from diesel, liquid propane, or natural gas to hybrid systems utilizing multiple fuel types. Whether an entire facility needs to be backed up, or only essential circuits, we have the equipment you need.


Diesel generators are the ideal solution for industrial sites without access to natural gas.


  • Easily attainable
  • Can be stored to stay ahead of refueling needs
  • Higher fuel efficiency, which reduces costs

Liquid Propane

Propane is an abundant and readily available fuel source ideal for varying environments.


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Safer for the environment and humans
  • Fuel quality does not degrade
  • Available in abundance

Natural Gas

Natural gas is pumped directly to the generator from the natural gas source.


  • Eliminates the need for refueling
  • Clean fuel source that reduces emissions
  • Eliminates fumes


Hybrid generators work as an addition to the main generator, providing power when it senses a greater energy demand.


  • Reduces emissions
  • Battery is charged by renewable resources
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • Provides a working alternative should the main generator fail

How We Help

While Better Power is not an industrial dealer, we work closely with one in the area to facilitate those purchases, providing our clients with the most well-rounded service possible. We order products from the manufacturer on behalf of our customers and ensure that they get delivered and are received by an experienced, knowledgeable professional. Oftentimes this includes sending an engineer from our industrial dealer to guarantee everything goes smoothly when ordering. We are also able to aid clients in finding the right professional to conduct the installation and confirm that they have all the equipment necessary that the installer may need.

State Contracts Made Easy

Because Better Power, Inc. holds a H.I.R.E. (Hazardous Incident Response Equipment) Multi-State Contract, our state agency and municipality clients are able to skip the tedious bidding process and purchase directly from us. Working with Better Power means always getting the best quality at the best prices possible. We are dedicated to offering all of our clients a high-quality experience at an affordable price.

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