How To Install

In this video, we outline the installation of a whole-house 16kW Generac air-cooled automatic standby generator and a RTSY-200 automatic transfer switch. This video is a basic overview. Every installation is different. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions in the installation guides and product manuals that come with your equipment.

Install Automatic Standby Generators & Offer Your Customers Backup Power

I have worked with Better Power for several years, purchased many generators, and have to say all the staff there are always helpful in the selecting of the right unit and transfer switch. Their support and follow-up with information has been excellent, deliveries on time with no problems. Keep up your good work!”


— Tom Yatteau – President of Ty Electric Corp.

“As a business owner and installer of generators it is important to me to partner with a supplier that enhances and compliments my offerings. The Better Power team makes that extra effort to review each bid, make constructive suggestions to enhance my product offering and is up front about real savings to pass along to the customer. The only way that I could get better service from them would be to have them on my own payroll. Give them a try and you will see that I am right.”

— Mike Falk – Owner of Falk Electric

“I just want to say thank you to you and all of the Better Power staff for your help on our recent generator project. I am happy that we were able to work through all of the details. We got exactly what we needed and feel secure and confident going forward!”

— Mike Ratey – Owner of Ratey Rennovations

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