Generac’s Expansion: A Factory Reset for the Supply-Chain

As Generac continues to ramp up production and close gaps in supply chain, we may finally start to see shorter lead times and better availability on home standby products.

Back in March of 2020, links in the supply chain started to weaken and break as the realities of Covid-19 came to a head. Worldwide, people hunkered down as we began to experience the effects of an aging power grid and extreme weather amidst the pandemic. From overtaxed older units to ambitious homeowners seeking preparedness, the quarantine sparked a significant increase in generator demand. The ripple effects are still being felt more than two years later. Orders increased, lead-times worsened, and frustration ensued. Meanwhile, some professional generator installers have waited from six to nine months for generator units to arrive.

Normalcy Under Construction


Generac generators

Rising to meet demand, Generac finished construction and opened a brand new facility in Trenton, South Carolina last fall that has already dramatically increased production. As supply chain issues slowly start to improve, the company is already working on expanding the South Carolina factory by another 200,000 square feet by the 3rd quarter of 2022.

We Can’t Wait!

generator manufacturing
For all of us at Better Power, Generac’s production potential means lower lead times, faster delivery, and increased availability may soon be on the horizon. We don’t want to make any promises just yet, but we are optimistic that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Your continued grace and patience during this season has been nothing short of remarkable, so our sincere thanks go out to all of you. You can count on our ongoing support and commitment to prompt, friendly, and superior customer service and support.

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