Generac Online Learning Center

Quick-Start Guide for Contractors

Step 1: Request Access

Submit this form to request access to the training center.

We will send you a username and password by email with instructions on how to proceed.

Alternately, you can write or call us at 1-800-475-1321 to request access.

Step 2: Take Courses

  • Click on the CATALOG icon to see a list of available courses.

  • Click the COURSE icon for the course you would like to take.

  • Click the ENROLL icon to enroll in a course.

  • Click the MY ACCOUNT tab to view the courses you select.
  • To view the lessons within the course, click the green GO button.
  • Click on the links under the COURSE MATERIALS to download and print course materials.
  • Click the green GO button to start the lesson.

  • Always use the system’s control buttons to navigate the program. DO NOT use the browser’s back or refresh buttons. DO NOT close the main Learning Center screen.
  • When you exit lessons, the screen will say “Processing Data… Please Wait.” WAIT for the screen to say “Data Saved… Click here to go to your “My Account” screen”. Click the link to return to the course lesson list.

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