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The Flex-Safe Barricade

Cones, barrels, saw horses and caution tape have been the standard safety products used in the marketplace for worksite protection and incident / accident response. Most of these products offer limited safety protection and effectiveness and are also cumbersome to use or difficult to store.

The Flex-Safe® Barricade is designed to improve scene safety, incident safety, traffic safety and pedestrian safety. The durable, highly visible and compact Flex-Safe® barricade is ideal for first responders, maintenance personnel, and utility workers to carry in their patrol vehicles, personal vehicles or work vehicles.



Key Features:

  • Powder Coated Finish: The high visibility powder coating ensures a long life of dependable service. Our barricades come in high-visibility yellow/green or safety orange.

  • Carry Handle: A strong and flexible handle makes these lightweight barricades easy to handle, with ample room for gloved hands.

  • Sure Grip Knobs: Deployment is smooth and easy with these rugged, ergonomic control knobs. Non-Slip Feet Tough rubber grip feet keep Flex-Safe from sliding on virtually any surface.

  • Quick-Close Connect Strap: The convenient lock straps quickly connect each unit to the next, virtually allowing any configuration. These lock straps also bundle the unit tightly when not in use.

  • Ease of Use: The unique X-Brace design unfolds instantly to create the most versatile and complete pedestrian management system available anywhere.

  • Nestable: After each use, the system folds down to surprisingly compact units which are easy to store and stack.

  • Seamless Protection and Adaptability: The industry-tested Flex-Safe Barricade System gives you seamless modular protection, in any configuration, instantly and effortlessly. Quickly set up a few barricades for a worksite or string several and cordon off virtually any space.

  • Reflective and High-Visibility Panel: These high-visibility barricades provide the general public with clear and forceful direction. The striping on the mesh banner of the barricades is highly reflective.

The Flex-Safe® Barricade is NCHRP-350 Crash Tested & Approved (USDOT Safety Standard for Work Zone/Roadside Use).

From the patented design to the highly visible and durable finishes, to the ability to deploy the Barricade in a few seconds, Flex-Safe® Barricades provide you with the best safety barrier available.

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