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According to the NYS Office of General Services, purchasing on state contract can save your municipality anywhere from 10 to 40% on average. 

Better Power, Inc. is one of several companies that currently holds a NYS OGS Commodities Contract for Hazardous Incident Response Equipment.

(HIRE) Group: 38232 Award: 22872 Contract #PC66786

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Because state contracts meet the competitive bidding requirements of the general municipal law, they can easily be used as an alternative to separately procuring goods and services locally.

  • Reduce or eliminate the time required to prepare bid specifications.

  • Enhance and simplify the purchasing process.

  • Minimize the time required to identify responsible vendors.

  • Benefit from the competition of many bidders seeking large volume contracts.

  • Provide benchmarks to judge the reasonableness of bids solicited by localities.

Purchasing through State contracts provides local officials with access to the State's buying power and expertise, which may result in lower prices and better quality goods and services.

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