Backup Power for Even Your Most Budget Conscious Customers. Look Inside For More Great Deals

Sep 18, 2015

 If your customer is on a tight budget, but ready to move up from a portable generator, this can be a great option.

This product is a result of many changes and improvements being added to the now obsolete CorePower™ unit.

This new model features True Power™ electrical technology, making it compatible for use with sensitive electronic equipment.

Also, because of its new design, complete installation can be done from outside the enclosure, reducing your labor cost.

Call and place your order today:

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Dave Skiff is our Government Supply Manager. He is the first point of contact for anything involving state contract generator sales.

Government entities, municipalities, and non-profit organizations are all eligible to purchase backup generators on state contract.

As a contractor, you may encounter these types of customers. By referring them to us instead of (or in addition to) bidding the job, you can:

  • Avoid using your own funds to secure the necessary equipment. We’ll sell it to them direct.
  • Get an inside track on making sure you get the install.
  • Become eligible for 1 – 2% finder’s fee, depending on the circumstances of the sale. 

If you have any state contract eligible customers in mind, or if you have any questions about the contract and how it works, feel free to call or write Dave. He’s here Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

1-800-475-1321 |

We’re raffling off a DeWalt 4200W Portable Generator AND a Generac HomeLink upgradable transfer switch.

The winner gets both. These prizes are valued at over 1,700 dollars.

From now until January 4th, 2016, each generator purchase* that you make from Better Power will earn you one entry into the raffle.

Stay tuned for more ways to enter the contest. More entries = more chances to win.

On January 4th, 2016, we’ll draw and announce our winner. It’ll be a great way for one of our lucky customers to start the new year.

*Valid only on permanent standby generators over 8kW.

We’re down to the last few cold weather kits and Mobile Link units! The only way to take advantage of this deal is to mention this newsletter. Call or write for details:

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